Published in the summer of 2004 at the prodding of the poet Lee Bridges, Paradise chapbook is composed of poems written over more than ten years in four cities, New York, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Alicante. The poem from which the book takes its title was inspired by an item in a list of possible poetic subjects found in an elementary school textbook on writing. A possible subject, according to the author, is "a map of paradise."



I told you if I had

to leave town

I would go to Chicago


there was vast


boarding the plane








time bragged the sun

would warm the dumb fossils

if they made it to the shore


they did


but a cold intention

drove them toward winter

and the silhouette






Selfish Monologues



In 2005 I began automatically recording my impressions of ideas from scientists, philosophers, poets, musicians, painters, sculptors and friends and was left with many notebooks full of scribbled chunks of text that I chiseled down to form curious juxtapositions. The result is Selfish Monologues, egopoetic rants from oblivion.